Flooring Accessories

In conjunction with our high quality range of solid and engineered timber flooring, we offer an extensive range of accessories for fitting and maintaining timber flooring.

1. Flooring Edge

We stock and supply a wide range of hardwood and brass edgings and trims to overcome problems encountered when fitting floors alongside.

Edgings are available in Oak, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Walnut, and in 2500 or 2700mm lengths.


SELLEYS Liquid Nails Direct Stick / SIKA Bond T55J Direct Stick = is a high performance rapid cure polyurethane flooring adhesive. It is suitable for fixing timber flooring directly to concrete and timber substrates, offering significant advantages over other more conventional flexible type flooring adhesives.

3. Underlay

Polythene Underlay:

This 3mm foam underlay is backed with a clear polythene layer. Foam underlay is used under floating floors and helps protect the underside of the board and reduce noise generated by walking over the floor. The polythene backing acts as a moisture barrier, although C&G recommend that flooring is always allowed to acclimatise within the installation room and moisture within the subfloor is between 8%-10% for ideal fitting conditions.

Timber Underlay:

C&G Timber flooring underlay with superior weight and density reduce noise levels and have one of the lowest noise ratings (Certificate of German tested underlay for flooring) on the market. This rubber based underlay will protect against moisture with an incorporated vapour-stop barrier, and is suitable for use with under-floor moisture stopping system. This product is available in 10 meter rolls.