C&G Timber Flooring have been recognised for a number of years as a premier hardwood flooring specialists. Our professional and dedicated team works with builders and our tradesman helps us to create the beauty of timber flooring for all our customers. We supply direct to public and trade, check out our vast stock and array of choice at our showrooms where we display various different hardwood floor styles.

We supply for both commercial and domestic/resdential floors throughout Australia. This means that we can deliver your order wherever you want it, then we have specialists who can come and lay the floor for you. This has increasingly become one of our most popular services. If you want your wooden flooring delivered to you, maybe to fit yourself, we can teach you step-by-steps as to installing a perfect timber floor.


Laying timber floors usually requires expert help. In the 1st instance just ask any of C&G sales staff. Our sales experts will usually need to visit you in your own home (FREE QUOTE). Then they will talk you through different kinds of timber flooring and how our installers will install the timber floor for you. After that, they will supply you a written QUOTE as to the like of your timber floor to be installed.

All timber floors can be laid in several ways; Nail Down, Staple Down, Glue Down, and Floating.

Top Nail Down:

Top Nail Down installation only apply to wide boards (over 120mm) or RAW solid timber floor, where it will be nailed on to a wooden sub-floor/joist. This is the most durable and stable installation procedure for timber floors. However, the top nails are able to be seen under the coating.

Secret-Nail Down:

Secret-Nail installation only apply to Tongue & Groove Hardwood Timber boards, where the boards has an secret-nailing hidden profile in the tongue. This allows the pneumatic gun to staple the nails into the timber boards and onto the wooden sub-floor. It is important to apply some glue at the back of the boards, as to stable the timber floor. This kind of installation is commonly used on T&G Hardwood Timber Boards where there is wooden sub-floor underneath.

Glue Down:

Glue Down installation uses adhesive glue where it will spread all over the concrete floor. The glue is very sticky and strong which makes the timber unable to be removed from the concrete floor. This is the best installation procedure for solid timber as it is more durable and stable for the timber floor. There are many types of adhesives on the market, please ask us for further recommendation on the brand of the glue.


The floating installation method is installed straight to the sub-floor (concrete/wooden subfloor. Underlay will be used as to block mositure from coming-up the concrete floor. The underlay will be placed in between the wood flooring and the sub-floor. The wood glue is applied in the T&G of each plank to hold the planks together. The underlay protects against moisture, reduces noise transmission, and softer under foot. This is a very fast and cost-effective method of installation. It is most suitable for DIY customers. This kind of installation can be sanded and polished; professional sanders is required.


25 Year Warranty

C&G Timber Flooring warranty that all the timber we manufacture is all in top quality condition and as natural timber it is. Separation by movement - as gaps between boards, and split of surface coating is likely to occur by the weather condition or personal actions to the floor, these consist as not in the warranty of the C&G 100% natural timber. It must be used under normal residential traffic conditions and regularly maintained in accordance with the applicable "Floor Maintenance Guide".
Guarantee Terms & Condition